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Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef Review

Walk 11, 2015 by Alex Palmer Leave a Comment

The Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef sits at the base of Kenwood’s phenomenal Classic Chef extend. At the season of composing there’s well more than half off the RRP at this shop; another case of how the cost of family unit merchandise has tumbled as of late. So rather like purchasing the most noticeably awful house on the best road, the KM330 has every one of the makings of an incredible venture. Our Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef audit will check whether it satisfies its charging.


Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef Review


The Kenwood KM330 Score




The most reduced valued Kenwood Chef


Three diverse electrical plugs with more than 20 extra connections


Fundamentally an indistinguishable machine from the more costly KM336


A top-quality stand blender that ought to a decades ago




Just a one-year guarantee (in spite of the fact that Kenwood quality record is superb)


White plastic packaging looks dated


Plastic bowl


Highlights and Accessories


Simplicity Of Cleaning




Measure and Weight








Highlights and Accessories


Kenwood KM330 AttachmentsThe KM330 accompanies a similar three non-stick K-lene covered, give metal blending connections a role as whatever remains of the Classic Chef go. That incorporates the ‘K mixer’ for pound potato and cake blends, an inflatable race for hitters, egg whites and creams and a batter snare. These connections bolt into the right spot totally shake strong through a straightforward push and contort movement, which is the same as you’d find on a pike style light.


Kenwood Flexible Beater Blade AT501The just slight downside here is that the KM330 doesn’t accompany an adaptable blender to legitimately rub the sides of the bowl; despite the fact that it comes with its own spatula in the case. In any case, this can be bought independently however it’ll cost a decent lump of the cost of the first KM330 unit (see it here).


The nature of the blend is first class. The K-mixer grabs fixings from the side of the bowl exceptionally well and on the grounds that the blending head is stature flexible you can position the connections with the goal that they sit partially over the base of the bowl. This implies the majority of the fixings wind up noticeably consolidated and you infrequently discover a spot of unmixed flour adhered to the base of the bowl after you’re finished.


The 800W engine abandons you asking why you’d ever require a more grounded engine as it powers resolutely through overwhelming blends and mixtures. There are weight cutoff points to the measure of fixings that can be utilized at any one time, which are recorded underneath:


Shortcrust baked good – 680g of flour


Hardened yeast mixture – 1.36g of flour, 2.18kg aggregate weight


Delicate yeast mixture – 1.3g of flour, 2.5kg aggregate weight


Nutty surprise blend – 2.72kg aggregate weight


Egg whites – 12


Take note of that these are precisely the same as whatever other Kenwood Chef.


The Kenwood KM330 accompanies a 4.6L bowl, which is the standard size for this kind of machine. What isn’t standard is the material the bowl is built of, which is plastic. I battle to think about whatever other blending dish that is plastic instead of stainless steel. Notwithstanding, other than in appearance this doesn’t appear to be a downside. It has handles on either side of the bowl to help lift it, which is a valuable expansion.


As you turn the dial, the KM330 climbs easily between the rates. Despite the fact that it has 1-6 composed on the dial there are really numerous more strides in speed between these levels. There’s likewise a “beat” mode, that enables you to flick to top speed for brief periods. This is fundamental for some creaming errands where turning the dial from “0” to max and back again would be dubious to do precisely.


Other non-blending connections


Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef LiquidiserThe Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef stand blender accompanies two extra electrical plugs, or three in the event that you check the bowl outlet. The moderate speed, high torque outlet behind the cover on the nose can fit the accompanying scope of connections:


Level and formed pasta producers


Roto sustenance cutter


Mincer/processor/frankfurter producer


Grain process


The rapid outlet can fit the accompanying:


Citrus juicer






Multi process


Radiating juicer


The bowl outlet can likewise be fitted with the underneath:


Dessert producer


Potato peeler


Colander and sifter


While these extra connections are costly, they are likewise of incredible quality and transform a Kenwood Chef into a genuine ‘kitchen machine’. As opposed to purchase a substitution liquidizer or juicer when your remain solitary one breaks, just get the Kenwood connection and save money on storage room and cost.


Simplicity Of Cleaning


Each Kenwood Classic Chef accompanies an awesome sprinkle protect. Not exclusively does it wrap the entire route around the bowl, it likewise has a gush for fixings with a pivoted top. This implies the KM330 wouldn’t throw fixings out of the bowl regardless of how excited you or one of your young sous-culinary specialists are with the speed dial.


Perusing the direction manual, the sprinkle monitor doesn’t seem to be dishwasher safe. In any case, both the plastic bowl and blending connections are, keeping the cleaning up to a base.




Lamentably the KM330 is very uproarious on any speed. That capable 800W engine and plastic shell mean it was constantly liable to be somewhat boisterous. To be completely forthright, we’re not very pestered whether a stand blender is uproarious or not, inasmuch as it’s not upsettingly stack, which this machine isn’t.


Strangely, the plastic blending dish appears to make this blender marginally calmer than alternate blenders in the Kenwood Chef go.


Estimate and Weight


Like the majority of the Kenwood Chef go, the KM330 is a sizable bit of pack. It quantifies 39cm long by 23.5cm profound by 29cm tall, giving it an extensive impression. Keeping the KM330 out on the worktop for all time guarantees that you truly benefit as much as possible from it as a kitchen machine. It’ll additionally imply that you get the chance to keep some significant pantry space and spares you lifting it out of the organizer much of the time. On the other side it’ll request a ton of worktop space, so ensure your kitchen is sufficiently enormous if this is your arrangement.


The KM330 weights a consoling 6.5kg. This is normal for this kind of machine, yet for our perusers who haven’t had a blender some time recently, the weight makes lifting it all through organizers a somewhat cumbersome assignment.




Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef


Ageless or dated? You be the judge


The white plastic body shell, white plastic bowl and the square shaped outline mean the KM330 is one of the minimum appealing Kenwood blenders. It’s unquestionably not revolting however and preferable investigating different blenders in its value extend that have endeavored to duplicate the ‘Kenwood look’.


Appearance is most likely the greatest disadvantage to the KM330 over the other Kenwood Chefs. Be that as it may, this is likewise the principle motivation behind why it’s such a great amount of less expensive than those different models. For instance, the more costly KM336 is fundamentally the same as the KM330, aside from it is silver in shading and along these lines does some way or another look more current.




My relative has a Kenwood blender that looks simply like the KM330 and has been in the family for a considerable length of time, so I know at direct exactly to what extent these machines last on the off chance that you treat them well. Treating them right means staying inside the distributed fixing weight limits, especially with batters that put the most strain on the engine. It likewise implies choosing the correct blending connection for the employment. So don’t utilize the race for a blend that ought to be utilized with the K-blender.


Adhere to these two straightforward standards and you’re probably going to have a machine that endures quite a while. Shockingly, Kenwood just supply a one-year guarantee with most Kenwood Chef models, which is more terrible than a large portion of the opposition. This implies you need to put your trust in the notoriety of the brand.


Cost and Conclusion Of The Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef Review


The Kenwood KM330 Classic Chef is the best estimation of the Kenwood Chef run, the range that characterizes what a stand blender is and ought to be. The main trade off for this esteem is the dated appearance, which for us is a value we would pay. Disregard the absurd RRPs on a portion of the enormous web based business sites, the KM330 is apparently for all time at a bargain at this shop and will spare you a little fortune.