I never in a million years would have thought I’d spend my entire honeymoon RVing around the country, but that’s exactly what happened. As you may (or may not) know, Alyssa and I just got back from our 48 state RV tour It was a ton of fun and the most adventurous experience of my life to date.

We faced a broken refrigerator, leaking roof, being struck by lightning, and even breaking down in middle-of-nowhere, Arizona. We had so many reasons to quit, but somehow we managed to keep going. Above all, I’m probably most proud of the fact that we somehow managed to fund our entire seven-month honeymoon without going broke.

Finding a way to make money on the road wasn’t easy. We aren’t rich and contrary to all the comments on various news articles, neither of our parents wrote a big check before we left on this trip (unless you’re talking about paying for our wedding, which they did). We had to pull together, get creative, and have a little faith when it came to making moolah.

However, this blog isn’t about how we made money. This post is about how much we spent while on the road so that you can have an idea of how much it might cost to RV across the country.

So how much does it cost to travel America in an RV?

The cost of full-time RVing and driving cross country will be different for everyone. It all depends on your spending habits and how much comfort you need to get by. Are you willing to boon dock your RV and cook a lot of meals, or do you need to eat out at all of the local restaurants when visiting a new town? There is no right answer, it just depends on your own preferences.

For us, we didn’t have much money to spend. Our goal was to enjoy as much of our surroundings as possible for as little spent as possible. Sometimes this meant passing on experiences we would have loved to go on, but it was the tradeoff of covering so much ground in such a small amount of time. (RV Dealers Los Angeles)